Having an effective and beautifully designed website is the foundation for any business, regardless of the size. Uniserv creates custom websites that broadcast valuable web content; high quality information about your company that is both relevant and credible. Our website developers and designers can create a powerful new website to landmark and brand your new business, or to re-brand your current company.

Uniserv has developed a unique method of developing websites, in which we have constructed a team of three strategic partners to create and support website design and development. Although Uniserv directs and controls the entire project, we utilize a back-end web programming company and a strategic marketing company on every project. We utilize the best skills from all three companies and are able to provide sophisticated website at a fraction of the cost. We offer cutting-edge website development, creative designs, and outstanding support.

Here are the basic principles we follow when designing or re-designing a website:

1. Users dont thoroughly read, they scan
- People notice and read key words, bold/italicized fonts, and things that catch their eye

2. Users want instant gratification and control
- Web users are impatient and want a site that loads quickly and does what they expect it to

3. Users choose the first reasonable option
- People don’t make optimal choices and do not scan web pages in a linear fashion; instead, their eyes are drawn to the most reasonable option they see

4. Users stick with what works
- If a user finds something that works, they will stick with it; if something doesn’t work, they will find a different solution

5. Users want similarity across the site
- People rely on consistent data presentation throughout the site, and shy away from sites with pop-up windows

6. Usability is the key in every website design